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Pistol: 50 Yards
Rifle: 100 Yards
Rifle: 200 Yards
Rifle: 300 Yards
Rifle: 390 Yards
2 Trap Fields
Our ranges include a 50 yard pistol range, a 100 yard rifle range, and a 200-390 yard rifle range.

Dream Club Banquet

The Dream Banquet is an annual event with food, and best of all, prizes! You may purchase a banquet ticket in part with the Dream Gun Raffle only, for $110.

That banquet ticket alone gives you 7 chances to win a table prize (pistol, shotgun, pellet gun, bow, etc), and a very good chance at winning an item out of our $2500 worth of door prizes. During the banquet, there are even more prizes to be won by purchasing additional raffle tickets (but are not required).

*Banquet is for ticket holders only, one person per one ticket. See pricing to the right for more information.

Dream Club Raffle

The Dream Gun Raffle subscribes you in to a once a month drawing for a year. The price is $1,000.00 toward a firearm only or $ 800.00 in cash. This has a limited amount of tickets available (300).

You can purchase the Dream Gun Raffle subscription alone for $90. If you wish to go to the banquet along with being part of the Dream Gun Raffle, you can pay $110 total for both. 

Ticket Pricing
$110 - Dream Gun Raffle & Banquet ticket
$90 - Dream Gun Raffle

300 Tickets available each year.


Membership Dues: $120.00 a/year

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