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Pistol: 50 Yards
Rifle: 100 Yards
Rifle: 200 Yards
Rifle: 300 Yards
Rifle: 390 Yards
2 Trap Fields
Our ranges include a 50 yard pistol range, a 100 yard rifle range, and a 200-390 yard rifle range.

Dream Club Banquet

The dream gun raffle banquet is an annual event with food, and best of all, prizes! You may purchase a yearly Dream Gun Raffle ticket and banquet for $120.00 per year. That’s one Dream Gun Raffle drawing each month for 12 months, plus you are invited to the annual banquet. We only have 300 tickets, so your odds of winning are 1 in 300 each month.

So, if you have a Dream Gun Raffle ticket, you get 12 monthly drawing entries, along with a dinner ticket at the banquet. The dinner ticket includes another drawing, and you have a chance to win 7 more long guns off the dinner ticket. That’s 19 times a year that you have a chance to win firearms or cash.

Also, we draw tickets, and you have a good chance at winning an item out of the door prizes (about $3,000 in prizes).

Dream Club Raffle

With the Dream Gun Raffle subscription, you are in a once-a-month drawing for one year. The prize is $1,000 toward a firearm only, or $800 in cash. There are a limited number of tickets available (300 total).

You can purchase the Dream Gun Raffle subscription with the banquet. The cost is $120 for one year. That’s 12 monthly drawings and 7 dinner ticket drawings – plus door prizes!

Ticket Pricing
$120 per year – 12 monthly drawings, dinner ticket and 7 additional drawings, plus door prizes

Only 300 tickets available per year

Note: Each person must have a Dream Gun Raffle subscription to be invited to the banquet.


Membership Dues: $120.00 a/year

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